Save the date: Sentinel 3B will be launched on April 25th
Brice Montfraix
21 March 2018
The Sentinel-3 satellites carry the same suite of cutting-edge instruments to measure oceans, land, ice and atmosphere. Sentinel-3A has been in orbit since February 2016 and will be joined by Sentinel-3B on April 25th. 

The Sentinel-3 mission is at the heart of operational oceanography. It provides measurements to monitor aquatic biological productivity and marine pollution, to map sea-level change and to forecast the sea state for efficient and safe ship routing.

It has been designed as a two-satellite constellation to give optimum global coverage and data delivery for Europe’s environmental monitoring Copernicus programme. 
As well as measuring the oceans, Sentinel-3A also provides unique and timely information about changing land cover, vegetation, urban heat islands, and for tracking wildfires.

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