Join the Copernicus Academy and Relays Networks!
Brice Montfraix
11 October 2017
Do you want to engage with the European Commission at a national, regional and local level to foster Copernicus user uptake and market development? The Commission is launching a call for expression of interest to open two Copernicus Networks to new members...

To unleash the full potential of the Copernicus Open Data and Information, the European Commission is running several initiatives to ensure that current and potential users of Copernicus can make the most of the Programme and its data, in Europe and beyond.

Two networks were launched at the end 2016:
  • The Copernicus Relays is to ensure that information on the benefits and potential applications of the programme are unleashed at local level, to foster the awareness and use of Copernicus by local user communities;  
  • The Copernicus Academy is to empower the next generation of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs and ensure they have suitable skill sets to use Copernicus open data and that results of research hit the market in a fast and efficient manner, to develop interdisciplinary educational, training and skills activities.  

The Copernicus Networks wish to allow both the Copernicus programme and its users to work together to enlarge its user base and unleash its positive impact on the economy and society through concrete actions.

Being a Network member means collaborating directly with the European Commission and access to a comprehensive tool box of measures, knowledge and opportunities to help grow the Copernicus user base. After one year, over 300 events have been organized by Network members, reaching almost 30.000 potential new Copernicus users.

The two networks mainly comprise European members, but they have triggered interest also beyond the EU. The Namibia University of Sciences and Technology has applied to become a Relay in the early days.

If you wish to apply, the call and all related information on the role of the networks and application process are published on the Copernicus website:  (Please note that applicants for the Copernicus Relays outside the EU should provide a letter of recommendation from a national authority).

For direct Information:
Mr. Christophe ROELAND
Policy Officer | Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth
European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
+32 2 296 72 57
Email: Christophe.ROELAND[at]

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