ESA provides Earth Observation data from non-ESA missions to users freely
Hailu Wudineh
25 January 2018

ESA and GAF have extended their agreement about the provision of IRS data and DSMs as Third Party Mission (TPM) data to scientific users until end 2018 or until full consumption of the budget, whichever occurs first. Depending on the scientific relevance of their proposals, ESA will grant scientists free-of-charge access to IRS optical HR/MR satellite imagery and DSMs.

A technical note published on ESA's website confirms that 5 meter Digital Surface Maps, Indian Remotes Sensing Data among others are accessible free of charge under ESA's Third Party Mission (TPM) Scheme, through one of the leading European Company on geospacial services called GAF-AG. 

These data intends to complement ESA's Earth Observation missions and to support the scientific user community more specifically the ones of the Indiqn Eqrth Observation satellites Resourcesat-1, Resourcesat-2, IRS-1C, IRS-1D and Cartosat-1. 

The services provided by -GAFAG includes:
  • On demand access to the entire Resourcesat-1, Resourcesat-2, IRS-1C, IRS-1D and Cartosat-1 satellite imagery archive.
  • On demand access to new Resourcesat-2 and Cartosat-1
  • Activities to be performed by GAF AG to provide satellite data for ESA and/or ESA approved science and application development users
  • Standard Delivery of products Resourcesat-2 and Cartosat-1 programming delivered according to the the standard tasking service
The GMES & Africa Support Programme informs its  thirteen regional implementing centers, and Earth Observation user communities in Africa to make use of this opportunity.

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