GMES and AFRICA participates in the conference “Space Solutions for Resilience in the Mediterranean”, Malta
Brice Montfraix
28 June 2017
Invited by the European Space Agency, the Coordinator was given the opportunity to present how GMES and Africa can contribute to a more prosperous and integrated Africa and what could be the innovative benefits from Copernicus data use.

About the conference

On 26 October 2016, the European Union (EU) issued its Space Strategy for Europe and signed a Joint Statement with the European Space Agency, which together aim to maximize the integration of space into European society and economy, by increasing the use of space technologies and applications to support public policies. The aim is to provide effective solutions to the big societal challenges faced by Europe and the world, strengthening synergies between civilian and security activities in the fields of navigation, communication and observation, including through monitoring borders, land and maritime security conditions. 

Specifically , the conference focused on :
  • Promoting the contribution of European Space programmes and projects to fostering sustainable development and Security; 
  • Promoting dialogue with Development and Security actors and partners on both sides of the Mediterranean basin;
  • Supporting satellite data uptake as well as identify new challenges.  

GMES & Africa contribution to the conference

The GMS & Africa Coordinator presented the development's context in Africa, the origins and background of the GMES & Africa Programme, its pillars and Modus Operandi, the thematic areas that are covered, the plan of action and, what issues in the south Mediterranean areas will be directly or indirectly addressed with the implementation of the Programme. 

More Information about the conference through the website:

Link to the pdf version of the GMES & Africa presentation in Malta