GMES & Africa visits EUMETSAT
Brice Montfraix
02 May 2017

Based on the existing Memorandum of Understanding on Earth Observation between the African Union Commission and the EUMETSA T, GMES & Africa team, (Programme Management Unit including Technical Assistance Team) has been invited for a coordination meeting at EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany on 2-3 May 2017.

This two-day's meeting is an opportunity for Eumetsat to present the latest status of EUMETSAT programme (including our contribution to Copernicus), our activities in support to Africa, and to discuss the implementation of the GMES & Africa Programme, as well as the practical arrangements to ensure effectiveness of our support to this Programme in the coming years.

This meeting will be followed by a back to back meeting with the European Commission Joint Research Centre on 4-5 May 2017 in Ispra, Italy.

The Participants

GMES&Africa AUC Coordination Team
  • Dr Tidiane OUATTARA, AUC/GMES and Africa Regional (G&A) Coordinator

Technical assistance team to the AUC (GAF AG)
  • Dr. Stefan SARADETH, Consortium Coordination Team Leader (GAF AG), stefan.saradeth[at]
  • Mr. Brice MONTFRAIX, G&A TAT Team Leader, EO Integration Products.  
  • Mr. Hamdi KACEM, G&A TAT Water and Land Resources Management Expert.  

  • Dr. Vincent GABAGLIO, International Relations Officer, E-mail: vincent.gabaglio[at] 
  • Dr. Stephane FLASSE, EUMETSAT Consultant.

Overview of the Program

Day #1 - Tuesday 2nd May 2017
  • Overview of EUMETSAT programme and activities (H/SCIR)
  • EUMETSAT and Africa – from strategy to activities (SCIR/VGa)
  • Status update of GMES&Africa (info day, guidelines, recruitment) – AUC
  • EUMETCast system (RSO/KPR)
  • Internet based system (CODA, EUMETView, Archive) – H/USC
  • Help desk activities / UNS – USC/KH
  • Visit of the EUMETSAT control centre and infrastructure building (SCIR)
  • EUMETSAT training activities – inc. Copernicus Marine (USC/MH)
  • EUMETSAT’s contribution to Copernicus (OPS/DP)

Day#2 - Wednesday 3 May 2017
  • Marine data provided by EUMETSAT – RSP/FM
  • Land data provided by EUMETSAT – PRS/LS
  • Discussion on EUMETSAT planned contribution to G&A (implementing arrangement) - SCIR/VGa
  • Maintenance of EUMETCast stations (discussion)
  • Working modalities between EUMETSAT and G&A AUC Team and preliminary calendar (discussion)
  • Wrap-up/way forward/conclusion

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